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Gabriel Ortega


The artist was born in Medellín in 1969, influenced by the culture of the comic. This interest lead him to begin his studies in the art school project in Medellin and then in Valencia, Spain where he studied Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Italy.

Ortega‘s work combines painting with sculpture, making each piece a little scenario in which superheroes entrusted to any mission or presented as cult figures stand out. The use of Tintin, the main character in the work of Ortega, is intended to show the iconic connotations of the character. These characteristics are determined by which represents itself the character, its moral values and their unwavering determination to carry out its mission. So when Tintin embodies a superhero or a Saint, it is intended to indicate that the mission is in good hands.

In his twenty years of intense professional career, Ortega has had over eighty exhibitions in Europe, Asia, South and North America, such as the Hall of the frescoes of Le Sibille di Raffaello in the Chiostro of the Bramante, Intelligent Building in Medellín EEPP;  Guest Artist, 21st International Exhibition of Comics in Barcelona, Spain; Cow Parade in Barcelona, Museum of Water.


Individual Exhibitions


2021 Open Gallery Duque Arango contemporáneo (Medellín – Colombia)
2020 Tintin del comic a la pintura y la escultura Arte Loft Galeria (Medellin-Colombia)
2020 “El Universo de Humbold” Galeria Baobab ( Bogotá – Colombia )
2019 Entre artistas Giorgio Chinea Art Gallery (Cortina d´Ampezzo Dolomiti)
2019 En - contraste exposición colectiva Arte Loft Galeria ( Medellín - Colombia)
2019 EROICA Gabriel Ortega Giorgio Chinea Art Gallery individual (Padua- Italia)
2018 Super Heroes at Tambaran Gallery (New York, United States)
2018 Mickey Special Edition 90 years (Bogotá, Colombia)
2018 A Rueda Rueda Auction (Christie's)
2017 Mex Call with GLM gallery and Arte Alto in Mexico's Economic Culture Fund
(Bogotá, Colombia)
2014 NH Gallery Contrasts (Cartagena, Colombia)
2013 Forever Art Gallery LGM (Bogota, Colombia).
2012 NH Art Gallery (Cartagena, Colombia).
2012 Forever Art Gallery Naranjo & Velilla (Bogota, Colombia).
2011 Forever, Vecchiato Art Galleries (Padova, Italy).
2008 Forever2, Chiostro del Bramante Sal Sibille de Raffaello, (Rome, Italy).
2007 Forever, Light Contemporary Art Gallery (London, UK).
2006 Sopra il cielo di Roma, Chiostro del Bramante, (Rome, Italy).
2005 COW PARADE, Museo del Agua. (Barcelona, Spain).
2005 COW PARADE. Lola Light Sponsor Coca Cola, Public Spaces, (Barcelona, Spain).
2004 COMICS. FROM LONDON TO NEW YORK. Light Contemporary Art Gallery. (London, UK).
2003 THE WORLD OF COMIC. International Comic Century Chamber (Barcelona, Spain).
2002 BETWEEN CULTURES. Vincon Chamber. (Barcelona, Spain).
2001 NO COLOR. Consortium museums in Valencia. Valencia Metro Station Alameda (Valencia, Spain).
2000 CONTRASTES and NO COLOR. Santillana Foundation for Latin America. (Bogota, Colombia).
2000 CONTRASTES and NO COLORS. Art gallery „Policarpa Salavarrieta.“
The Interior Cundinamarca. (Bogota, Colombia).
2000 NO COLOR. Building EEPP Medellin. (Medellin, Colombia).
2000 CONTRASTES. University Museum of Antioquia. (Medellin, Colombia).
I997 GABRIEL ORTEGA. Gallery Edgar Neville. (Alfalfar / Valencia, Spain).
I996 AUTUMN. Showroom Cultural Center of Mislata (Valencia, Spain).


Collective Exhibitions

2016 COLLECTIVE 360. Bulls 360 Gallery (Bogota, Colombia).
2015 3Languages Gallery Naranjo & Velilla (Medellin, Colombia).
2015 Nohra Haime Gallery (New York, USA).
2015 Vecchiato Art Gallery (Padova, Italy).
2014 Van Noon Gallery (Vught, The Netherlands).
2014 Vecchiato Art Gallery (Padova, Italy).
2013 Nohra Haime Gallery (New York, USA).
2013 DIALOGUES. Beatriz Esquerra Art Gallery (Bogota, Colombia).
2011 Vecchiato Art Galleries (Pietrasanta, Italy).
2010/2011 Gallery Naranjo Belilla, (Medellin, Colombia).
2005 COW PARADE. Safia Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).
2006 EXPOSITION D´ART CONTEMPORANI A L‘ILLA. Safia Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).
2004 EXHIBITION D‘ART CONTEMPORANI A L‘LLLA. Safia Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).
2003 EXHIBITION D‘ART CONTEMPORANI A L‘LLLA. Safia Gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).
2001 AWARD OF PAINTING, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos.
The English Court Gallery. (Valencia, Spain).
I998 ATYPICAL, Gallery Edgar Neville. Alfafar (Valencia, Spain).


Biennial – Fairs


2021 ART MIAMI, Duque Arango Contemporary (Miami, United States)

Barcu with Baobab Gallery (Bogotá, Colombia 2019)
Context Art Fair with Tambara Gallery (Miami, United States)
Artlima with Okyo Gallery (Bogotá, Colombia 2018)
Barcu with Gallery (Bogotá, Colombia 2018)
Barcu with LGM Gallery (Bogotá, Colombia 2017)
2015 ARTBO Nohra Haime Gallery (New York, USA & Cartagena and Bogota, Colombia).
2014 ARTBO Nohra Haime Gallery (New York, USA & Cartagena and Bogota, Colombia).
2014 ART WTNWOOD Beatriz Esguerra Art Gallery (Miami, USA).
2013 KIAF - Korea International Art Fair, Gallery LGM (Bogota, Colombia), (Seoul, Corea).
2012 ARTE PADOVA, Vecciato Art Gallery (Padova, Italy).
2006 International Art Fair Index, Gallery Safia (Barcelona, Spain), (Dubai, UAE).
2003 Miami Art Light Gallery (London, UK), (Miami, USA).

Travelling exhibition: Valencia, Orihuela, Binaroz (Spain).
1994 VILLA DE CATARROJA Award, Catarroja (Valencia, Spain).


Private Collections

University Museum of Antioquia. (Medellin, Colombia).
EEPP Medellin. (Medellin, Colombia).
Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. (Bogota, Colombia).
Santillana Foundation for Latin America. (Bogota, Colombia).
Consulate of Spain (Bogota, Colombia).
COLEBEGA SA (Coca-Cola Spain) (Valencia, Spain).
Coca Cola (Zaragoza, Spain)
COBEGA SA (Coca-Cola Spain) (Barcelona, Spain).
Ficomic (Salo International Comic). (Barcelona, Spain).
Cow Parade
Colleague SA (Coke. Spain). (Barcelona, Spain).
Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Foundation. Spain) Madrid.
The Chiostro Bramante (Rome, Italy).

Other private collections: USA, Italia, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, England, Mexico.



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